September 15, 2009

School Has Begun

Well we have officially begun our second week of school. But I wanted to go back to September 8 & show you some pics of his first day of school. It all began at 7:30am when Taylor came running into our room & jumped on the bed. Then we all got dressed & ready to go. But before we left Taylor requested pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast we got socks & shoes on, grabbed the backpack & headed out the door into the world of Kindergarten!!When we got to the school, we saw a large red sign attached to the fence, so I had to have him stand next to it for a picture...or 2.The parents were able to go in the classroom for the first little bit while they made a craft. All of the kids were asked to sit on the big blue Taylor chose to sit on........the letter T while his teacher Mrs. Breuninger introduced herself & talked with them.The kids got to make their own crowns to match the theme of the room KinderCastle.

Then he discoverd all the books in the classroom. So he had to grab a Star Wars book & look through it.

He had a wonderful first few days of school & we as a family have gotten into the swing of things - for the most part that is. I am glad that he doesn't have to be at school until Noon everyday. But he is glad that his best friend from school has his recess when we get there, so they get to play on the playground!!

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