January 19, 2010

Praying for a wonderful 2010

Well, 2009 was a very tough year for our family so we are praying for a wonderful 2010. Daron & I are trying to plan a trip down south to go to the wedding of one of his army buddies in March. That is proving to be tough because of finances. But we have (or at least I have) decided that if we do not have the finances by march 1st, we won't be going.

Taylor is getting closer to having been in school for 100 days this year. Wow it has gone by fast!! Can't believe that he is inching closer to being done with Kindergarden & getting ready for 1st grade. Thankfully he still loves going to school.

Daron's health has either mellowed out or is getting ready for another flare. It is tough to say which it is. But I am just trying to prepare myself for either.

I am working on starting a Caregiver Support Ministry at church. I am so excited about this!! All of the amazing caregivers in the church desperately needs this support ministry. I am thankful that God has provided me with this wonderful opportunity.

Well, there is my life in a nutshell for now. =)

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