June 16, 2010

BUSY day today

Well, today is going to be super busy. I am babysitting today, Daron has PT, I have a piano lesson, all 3 of us have to drive to Utica to drop Taylor off with my in-laws, Daron & I have to then drive to Ann Arbor.......like I said, busy day. So let me break it down a little bit.

I'm babysitting until 3:30pm
Daron has PT at 10:30am
I have a piano lesson at 4:30pm
After my lesson all 4 of us have to drive 2.5 hours to Utica to drop Taylor off at my in-laws for the night
Then Daron & I will drive another 1 - 1.5 hour to Ann Arbor to the hotel since Daron has his monthly appointment tomorrow

Can't believe how busy everything is today. Oh well, we all got to relax this weekend with Tara's family at the cottage. At least Taylor is done with school for the summer & will get to hang out with his cousin Chase who he rarely see's. So he is looking forward to it & I am looking forward to being able to talk to Daron's doctor again about the changes to Daron's meds.

Well, time to get off the computer so that I can get a shower & stack packing 2 seperate bags for tonight. Have a great day!!
Here's a fun pic of Taylor that was taken at our last ABF class party.

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