June 11, 2010


Well we are once again facing a new medication for Daron's MS. I am not sure which med they are going to put him on yet, but I will find out next week when we head to Ann Arbor for yet another infusion. I am hoping that this is the last or almost last infusion & that the new med will be easier. There are a few new meds on the market that can be taken by mouth or injection, so I am not really sure what type they are going to put him on.

Daron is having a few issues with strength in his legs, so he is having some issues walking or even standing up. Mentally he has problems with remembering things, especially really simple things that he has done for years. Emotionally he has gotten some issues under control with the help of counseling & medication. I am thankful that I have my husband with me every day & am praying for a long time with him. I will continue to keep you updated as I get information.

Oh, in case you are wondering, the color of my blog is to remind you that MS is everywhere. Orange is the awareness color for MS (plus, orange & black are Daron's high school colors).

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