July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

Well we have had an interesting 4th of July weekend already. My Mom offered to take Taylor on Friday night, so Daron & I had until 5pm Saturday without a kiddo. Daron & I decided to enjoy that time alone by going to see the movie Grown Ups. It was hilarious!! I mean, when you put Adam Sandler, David Spade, Kevin James, Chris Rock & Rob Schneider all in the same movie, you really aren't sure what you will end up with. But this was a great family-friendly movie.

Ok, enough of my movie review. :-)

After we picked up Taylor from my Mom's we went home, I made dinner & we decided to go watch the Kentwood fireworks. Taylor was excited to go see them, but I think that he had more fun playing with the other kids that were there then he did watching the fireworks. Oh well. That's one of the joys of being a kid right?

Today we had church & then the annual 4th of July church picnic. I was going to try a recipe that I found on my friend Megan's blog (What Megan's Making), but decided against it due to the heat. I didn't want to be stuck dealing with a hot oven in 92 degree weather. But I will try to make the Sugar Cookie Bars as soon as it cools down.

Well, I guess that I should get going since I have to leave soon. Gotta get the church ready for VBS this week. I think that the kiddos will have fun learning about the amazing universe that God has created.

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