July 11, 2010

VBS 2010 was Awesome!!

Well VBS 2010 is in the books & we had another wonderful year. We had a high of 78 kiddos who had fun singing, making crafts, eating cookies, playing games, learning verses & hearing a Bible story each day. We took the kids to a space station & they were new space cadets who where learning the B.A.S.I.C's of the Christian life. Each day they learned a new letter of the day & what it meant. Monday they learned that B stood for Book of Books - the Bible is the best of all books every written, has all of the answers that we need & will never steer us in the wrong direction. Tuesday they learned that A stood for Absolute Authority - God is the Absolute Authority in all things in our lives. Wednesday they learned that S stood for Salvation Story - God sent His only Son for us in order that we can be saved. Thursday they learned that I stood for Incredible Impact - the Bible has had an incredible impact on the world & continues to have an impact. Finally they learned that C stood for Cadet Challenge - they were challenged to take everything that they have learned & use it to impact their world.

I was so humbled by these amazing kiddos on Friday. I was leading songs all week & had only chosen 4 songs - the Books of the Old Testament, the Books of the New Testament, God of Wonders & How Great Is Our God. They learned all of the songs wonderfully & on Friday we were singin How Great Is Our God when I had an idea to have the kiddos sing the chorus accapella. I was amazed at how well they did. So when we were closing out our final day of VBS right before we dismissed them in prayer, I had them do it again. This time though brought me to tears. We opened the doors to the foyer so that the parents could hear us. Those 70+ kids raised their voices loudly (without yelling) to the point that they filled the sanctuary & it spilled out into the foyer. WOW!!!! All of us there got a glimpse of heaven at that moment. I am still brought to tears thinking about that amazing experience. Thank you Lord for allowing me to be apart of that moment!!

Well, now that VBS is over, it is time to start planning AWANA which starts in September. I love my life!!!

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