July 26, 2011

Update on Daron

On July 5 I had to take Daron to the VA Medical Center in Battle Creek, MI. His MS got the best of him & he needed a ton more care than I am able to give him. He is currently in a locked down psych ward getting some mental health med adjustments. He is also receiving some PT, OT & therapy while he is there.

I am working on finding him placement into a nursing facility - I'm hoping for the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. He currently needs around the clock care that I am really not able to give him. Taylor & I call him multiple times a week & try to see him at least once a week. Since it is an hour long drive between our house & Battle Creek & Daron can only handle a 30 min visit with us; it makes for an awfully long trip there & back.

Things to pray for:
--- Strength for Daron.
--- Strength for Taylor.
--- Strength & wisdom for me. I have a lot of decisions to make in the days/weeks ahead regarding Daron's ongoing care. Plus I am now a single mom of a quickly growing young man.
--- Wisdom for the doctors so that they can/will work together with me in order to make the proper decisions for Daron.

We all know that God is a part of this situation & that He is in total control of everything. God already knows how this whole thing is going to end. He knows the choices that have to be made & He will guide everyone involved in making those choices.

July 6, 2011

Life has hit me square in the face

Well......where do I begin??

I had to take my husband & have him admitted to a local VA hospital on 7/5/11 because his MS has finally taken it's toll on his brain & rational thinking. He tried to jump out of a vehicle moving at highway speeds because he wanted to prove that he could take care of himself. Since our 7 year old son & the 3 year old that I babysit were in the van, I had to put my foot down & force him to make a choice. He thankfully choice to seek help. Although, when we got the hospital he told them that he was there to get his meds adjusted & get some PT. He didn't think that what he did was that big of a deal.

So I am now taking care of my son on my own for awhile. I have told my son & myself that Daron will not be coming back home anytime soon. I'm pretty sure that they will move him into a long-term nursing facility when they have his meds figured out. I could be completely wrong though. But I have to brace myself & my son for that possibility.

MS is such a horrible silent disease. My hubby has had this since 1999 & I have had to watch this MonSter slowly take him away from him mentally & emotionally since 2002. I don't understand why the Lord would allow this to happen to him. But I do understand that right now I am looking through a fog & can't see the full picture. I do know that my Lord is bigger then this horrible MonSter. I do know that my Lord can bring a miracle into Daron's life if he so chooses. I do know that my Lord already knows the outcome for Daron & this entire situation. I do know that my Lord is stronger then I am & that he can handle everything that comes into my life. I do know that my Lord is always there for me & that He will never give me anything that I can't handle.

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