August 11, 2011

Got to Visit! Woo Hoo

Taylor & I got to go see Daron today in his new place!! We got there about Noon & stayed there until about 3pm. It made for a very loooong day, but glad that we got to go see him. We all went for a walk together, Daron & Taylor played on the special double swing together (one side has a normal seat & the other has a wheelchair ramp) - I think that was Taylor's favorite part of the entire day.
I am so glad that Taylor will be able to visit his Dad any day that he wants to. He had so much fun today & was so sad when we had to leave. I couldn't tell if he was upset about leaving his Dad or if it was because he couldn't swing on the special swing anymore. But at least he had fun.

Please continue to pray for Daron as he gets adjusted to his new surroundings - he is the youngest one on that ward. He is also trying to get used to his new "normal" - has to do somethings on their schedule (meals, meds, shower). He does have some freedom to do things on his own.

Please continue to pray for strength for him mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually. They do have a chapel with a protestant service, but from the way he was talking yesterday, I don't know if he will go. When asked about spiritual preferences & how important it is to him to attend services or talk to a chaplain, he said that it didn't really matter to him. A chaplain did come in & talk to him today as an introduction kind of thing....but nothing more then that.

Please continue to pray for Taylor & I as we deal with our new normal as well. I learned today that being out of the house from 9:30am until 5:30pm is very exhausting. I know that both of my guys had fun...I'm just drained from the drive & everything else. Pray that I can keep my strength up everyday so that I can handle days like today. Once school starts, the only days that we can do like today will be Saturdays. I hope to be able to visit Daron at least 2x a week if not 3x. It just depends on Taylor's school schedule & routine - homework will have to be done & then their is the bedtime routine as well. I know that God will give us the time together that we need as a family!!

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