August 13, 2011

Made It Through

So I survived today!! Thankfully there were not a ton of people who wanted to talk about the situation with Daron. A few people asked me about him or asked what they could help me with. I was thankful for the few people who talked to me, but I think I was more thankful that so many didn't. I know that seems odd, but I didn't want to answer everyone's questions. If I had done that I would have been answering the same questions over & over & over & over again - that would have been way to difficult emotionally. I was already emotionally exhausted when I got there & even more so when I left.

Thankfully I decided to end my evening at my friend Tara's house. She was having a candle party & I knew it would be good for some laughs. It was....I needed to laugh like that & not have to think of anything in particular. I am so glad that I decided to do that. I truly needed that!!

Now to get ready for tomorrow.....

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