August 18, 2011

Maybe this time it will all work out

I talked to Daron's social worker today & got things started on getting Daron moved to Laurels of Kent in Lowell. She contacted the social worker that I talked with at Laurels & is in the process of sending Daron's records to them. Our hope is to have him moved later next week or the beginning of the following week.

Please continue to pray for the following:
*Daron -- his dementia is throwing everything in a loop. While visiting today he was very set on coming home to get housework & outdoor work done. He has days of clarity & days of confusion - the days of confusion are just going to come a lot more often.
*Taylor - School starts on Sept 6 & he is still having some issues with this new normal. Pray that he will be able to control his outbursts before & during the school year.
*Myself - Pray for strength & wisdom through all of this. I am handling things as best as I can, but I still have my days. When is comes time to move Daron to Laurels, I will have to transport him there myself (the VA won't do that). Please pray that I will be able to make the proper decisions between now & then to make his move easier.

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