August 4, 2011

Newest Update on Daron here is another update on Daron:

So far he is still in the VA Medical Center in Battle Creek. I spoke with one of his social workers today & we are working together to move him to the proper nursing facility. He has dementia secondary to his MS. That means that he is need of more care than I will be able to provide. I am working on the application for the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, but that is turning out to be more difficult with each passing day. It is amazing how much information they want from one person. Plus they have a 2 month waiting list right now.

Anyway, they recommended another facility for me to look into today. So on Friday the 5th at 4:30pm I go to The Laurels of Sandy Creek in Wayland for a tour of the facility. This is one of the few facilities that the VA has a contract with - that means that with Daron being 100% service connected disabled the VA will cover all of the cost (at least that is my understand. I am going to triple check that). Taylor & I drove out to the facility today to make sure I know where it is. It is only a 20 minute drive from our home. That in itself makes it nicer than the Battle Creek nursing facility.

Please continue to be in prayer for me as I make the proper decision for my husband. With him having dementia, it makes it harder to discuss these things with him.

Please continue to pray for Daron as well. This whole situation is difficult for him - mentally & emotionally - to understand due to the dementia.

Please continue to pray for Taylor. He is really having a tough time with his Dad not being home any longer.

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