August 13, 2011

Not So Sure About Today

Today Daron's family is having their Annual Tilburt Family Get Together. Normally I would be excited to go & hang out with the extended family. But not so much this year. With Daron being in the CLC & not knowing how many people truly know what's going on with him, I'm hesitant about going. I'm sure everyone will be kind & caring, but I'm also sure there will be lots of questions. I'm still not emotionally ready to deal with a ton of questions from the extended family. It was tough on Wednesday night at church trying to answer their questions without completely breaking down in tears. If I couldn't handle talking to people that I see multiple times a week, how am I supposed to handle talking to people I see only 12 times a year??

I know that Taylor really wants to go hang out with his cousins & swim & play......but I'm not ready to sit & be bombarded with a million questions, looks of sympathy & everything else that goes along with this situation. I don't know what to do.............

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