August 14, 2011

Now that I'm done processing all the info....

Last Tuesday (Aug 9) I was told that moving Daron closer to home would be tough since the VA contract would only pay for 14 days of rehabilitation. At that time I thought that Daron needed to have long term rehabilitation or PT. Since then I have talked to quite a few different people, done a lot of processing of information & have come to a decision.

My decision is to move my husband to Lowell before Taylor starts school. I have discovered that Daron will get restorative care as part of his long term care. That means that the nursing staff will help him stay in the physical shape he is in now. I would like for him to get care that will help him from deteriorating anymore than he already has. I understand that his MS will cause him to deteriorate as time goes on, but the restorative care will keep it from happening faster then it needs to.

This decision is also from the fact that the Lord opened all doors that needed to be opened. I was able to get a tour set up quickly for the Lowell facility, I was given peace over the situation, they are willing to work with him in the way he needs, there are a lot of young guys around Daron's age, there are veterans already there, there is an activities group for his age group, freedom to attend church, freedom to leave the grounds for meals with family or family functions -- All of those are the most important doors that needed to be opened & the Lord opened every single one of them. 

With that being said, I am coveting your prayers on this. I don't know how quickly this will happen. I have some phone calls to make tomorrow to get this started. I'm hoping that this will happen this week or next. With Daron being closer to home, I will be able to visit a lot more during the week, he can help Taylor with homework, we can have dinner together. Please pray that the people I call will be willing to help me with this. Please pray that the move will not upset Daron. Most importantly, please pray that Laurels of Kent in Lowell is still able to accept him into their care.

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