August 20, 2011

Short visit, but better then no visit

Taylor & I went to see Daron today. We left the house about 11am, but I had a few things I needed to get done before we fully headed to Battle Creek. Plus, I wanted to make sure that he was done with lunch when we got there. We made it to Battle Creek by 1pm just as it started to storm. We hung out in Daron's room for about 30 minutes. The whole time Taylor was being Taylor in every aspect & Daron was falling asleep. So at 1:40pm I decided that it was time for Taylor & I to leave. We gave hugs & kisses, listened to Daron tell us that he was ready to come home, told Daron that we missed him & said bye. Considering that it takes an hour to get there & an hour to get back, 30 minutes kind of seemed like a waste of time, gas & energy for a visit. But I know that Daron enjoys every visit that we make. I know that Taylor needs to see his Dad as much as he can & I need to see my husband.

After today's visit, I am praying harder that Daron gets moved to Lowell this week or next. Taylor & I are having a tough time dealing with the drive out there multiple times a week. Plus, my van is having issues with the drive. When I got home today, it was making a very odd noise that did go away, but still.

Will you please join me in this prayer?? I know that God has opened all of the doors for this move to happen. I know that the care team at the CLC is all for moving him closer to help with his quality of life. I know that it will help us as a family to be closer to each other. I also know that I have a ton of prayer warriors who read this blog. I know that you are all behind me & I appreciate every single one of your prayers!

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