August 5, 2011

When God closes one door He Always opens another

Wow!! Today was such an interesting day. After hearing that I wouldn't be able to get Daron into Laurels of Sandy Creek in Wayland, I contacted Laurels of Kent in Lowell. They were able to set up a tour right away. I got there about 4:30pm today. As soon as I walked in the door I was filled with an overwhelming peace. Since everything has been so hectic about getting him into a nursing facility & finding the right one, I was thrilled with the peace I had. The social worker took me around the facility & showed me the courtyard (where they do cookouts once a month for the guests), the wing that Daron would be staying in & everything else.

I was very glad to see that there were quite a few guys right around Daron's age there as well. Plus, he told me that there were 3 veterans there already. That was a huge encouragement. Then we sat down to talk about what Daron would need care related, how bad his MS is, how the dementia is effecting him, etc. I was able to ask every question that popped into my head & he answered every single one.

The VA is going to 100% cover his care in that nursing facility for the entire time that he is there. I only have to pay for the DirecTV that will be hooked up to his TV ($10 a month) & the land line that I have installed in his room. I have to provide his clothes, but they will wash them for me. Taylor & I will be able to visit anytime we want to 7 days a week. I can even bring my dogs there to see him. I will also be able to bring him to church on Sundays - if he feels up to going.

I am so thankful that the Lord has opened the way for this facility. I had been looking at the veterans home because it is only veterans there. But I was having such a tough time with getting things together to go with the application, I was having problems getting my questions answered, I wasn't able to get in to tour the facility, etc. I have been working on all of that for a month. With Laurels of Kent I was able to get my questions answered, get a tour & see the staff interact with people all within a few hours.

Thank you Lord for your provision, wisdom & strength in this situation. I am so glad that I followed Your guidance once again.

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