September 1, 2011

30th Birthday

I made it & survived......I turned 30!!

With everything that has been going on this month, I really wanted today to be as stress-free as possible. I knew that would be tough with Taylor around, but I that's how I wanted it. So Taylor & I made a plan....we wouldn't go see Daron today. I know that Daron wanted us to go see him & I knew that he was gonna be mad at me if I didn't go see him. But today went as best as could be expected. Taylor & I had out issues throughout the day, but we made it through. The worst part of the day was bedtime -- he fought me for an hour about going to bed. We survived it though & he is in bed.

Looking back on the last 30 years today has been interesting.....I have been through a lot in my 30 years on the earth. Just this year alone I have been through a ton of stress & frustrating times. Thankfully the Lord has brought me through it stronger then I thought I would be.

Thank you Lord for the 30 years you have given me so far!!

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