November 4, 2011

Healing is such a slow process.....

There is one thing that I have discovered recently........healing from an illness is a s---l---o---w process. Plus, it's not always a fun process. I have been sick since the end of September. I don't know exactly what I have been dealing with for certain, all I know is that it has taken a long time getting over it. I missed two weeks of church, had to let housework go to the back burner, spend way to much time on the couch, purchased to much cough medicine, slept a ton, sucked on a lot of cough drops, snuggled with my cat & both dogs, snuggled with Taylor, slept some more......OK, you get the point.

Being sick when you have a lot on your plate is not a fun thing at all. There were some days where I didn't even want to get up & take Taylor to school. But as a Mom I knew that I had to do it no matter what. I am thankful that my strength is coming back, but I have to constantly remind myself that I cannot do my normal routine for awhile or I'll relapse again. I've had to learn that my living room can be split into 6 small jobs that can be done over the course of a week (or two) & that is just fine.

I have learned a lot of different things while I've been sick. The most important one to me --- missing church throws my entire week off massively. I have missed the fellowship of my church family. I have missed being in God's word & hearing Pastor preach. I've missed the hugs, support & encouragement I get from my church family members. I've also missed seeing a strong Godly man before he was called home. I am glad that I will be able to attend church this Sunday (fingers crossed & tons of prayers said).

Gracious Heavenly Father,
Thank You for being the Great Physician in my life. Thank You for the healing You are bringing to my body. I pray that You will continue to strengthen my body in the days ahead. I pray that you will be the strength that I need during this time of healing Lord. I pray that You will be with the Beech family during this time of loss. I pray that You will be there source of great comfort & peace. I thank You that Amos is with You now 7 & that he is healed from his ailments. Thank You for being his salvation. Amen

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