November 22, 2011

What Are You Thankful For?

We have once again reached the Thanksgiving holiday. This is normally the time when everyone talks of what they are thankful for. I have noticed that a lot of people only focus on being thankful at this time of year. I know that I do this as well, but I have also noticed that I have been focusing on being thankful a lot more recently.

So, what am I thankful for? There are so many things, but let me try to list a couple:
There are the "normal" things that everyone is thankful for.....
*I am thankful to have a roof over my head.
*I am thankful to have good health.
*I am thankful to have food in the house.
*I am thankful that I can provide for my son.
*I am thankful for a loving family.
*I am thankful for my amazing friends.

Then there are those things that I am thankful for from the bottom of my heart.....
*I am thankful that my husband is being taken care of. The staff at the Battle Creek VA has been amazing. I am so thankful that he is able to get the exact care that he needs right now.
*I am thankful that my son is growing into a wonderful young man. He has been through a lot of stuff in his young life, but he is growing through everything.
*I am thankful that my son accepted Christ into his heart a year ago. I am so glad that I know where we as a family will be spending eternity.
*I am thankful for my own salvation. I know that I never would have gotten through all of the craziness of the last few months without Christ beside me. He alone has given me the strength that I need every day & He alone will continue to give me that strength. Thank You Lord!!
*I am thankful to the many people who have been praying for my family. I know that there are a lot more people praying for us daily then I will ever be able to thank in person.
*I am thankful for my wonderful church family. They have been so incredibly supportive through everything.

That is my thankful list. What Are You Thankful For??

Gracious Heavenly Father - Thank You for everything that You have provide in my life. Thank You for being there for my family through the last few months. Thank You for each & everything on my thankful list. I am grateful that You are there with me everyday of the year. I know that none of the things I am thankful for would be possible without You. You are an Almighty Father & I know that You will always be there for everyone who calls on Your name. I pray that I will be able to carry this thankful spirit with me each day of the coming year. In You Great Name - Amen!

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