December 7, 2011

Dec 7, 1941 -- 70 years later

It's hard to think that Daron & I were standing on the USS Arizona Memorial in February of this year. That was an amazing experience in itself. Just to stand in complete silence & watch the "black tears" bubble to the smell the fuel lingering in the see the sheen of the oil on the surface of the see the many names of those who gave the ultimate see the battleship itself under the water...........

Thinking back, I pray that God continues to grant peace to the family members of those who lost their lives 70 years ago today.

Here are some of the pictures that I took while we visited that powerful memorial......
View of the Memorial as we arrived

USS Arizona bell

USS Nevada marker - marks where the Nevada was at 70 years ago.

Tree of life etched into the Memorial

USS Arizona marker

USS Arizona marker & gun turret

Approaching the Memorial - the gun turret, marker & Memorial

The gun turret - you can see a sheen on the water from the oil seeping up

Closeup of the USS Arizona marker

View of the USS Arizona from inside the Memorial

Wall of the names of those who lost their lives

Names of the survivors who have had their ashes interred with the Arizona after their passing

View of the Battleship

Old Glory waving proudly over the Memorial

Entrance to the Memorial

USS Missouri on the left & the USS Arizona Memorial on the right

Tree of Life sculpture - it's also on the memorial

Model of how the memorial is sitting over the USS Arizona

Another view of the memorial model

The anchor from the USS Arizona

One of the plaques by the anchor

The other plaque by the anchor - it was cast in Chester, Pennsylvania in 1911. It weighs 19, 585 pounds

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