January 7, 2012

Enjoy Your Down Time

For those of you with a spouse at home, be grateful. Your spouse is able to take your child/children for you when you need to go grocery shopping, go out with friends, take a shower, & when you aren't feeling good. Please be thankful for all of the time that you are able to have to yourself & the time you have to recover when you're sick.

As a single mom I don't have that. My son goes to the grocery store with me. My son tries to follow me into the bathroom. My son needs to be taken care of all the time, even when I'm utterly sick & don't have the energy to climb out of bed. I have to plan my life around the schedule of others or school if I want to go out with friends or do anything for myself.

Now I know that sounds like whining & complaining. It isn't. I will never trade my time with my son for anything in the world. When Daron was at home I didn't think twice about going shopping or taking a shower or getting sick. Now that I'm on my own, I realized that I took having Daron home for granted. I took having a spouse around to help me out for granted. Next time you are upset about having to wait for your spouse to get home from work to give you a break, remember that there are numerous parents out there who don't have that luxury. Also, next time you take a shower while your spouse watches the kiddos, enjoy your alone time.

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