January 20, 2012

Time For A New Look


So I just made a big change in my life. 2011 was a year that had many things happen that I couldn't control - Daron going to the VA being the big one. After getting through the first few months of separation, I wanted to start 2012 on a high note with a big change. I changed my hair!! Some of you might not think of that has a big change. I mean, I have cut my hair in the past, I dye it at least twice a year (more depending on the color). I have permed it & I've grown it out. I love how versatile I can be with my hair. I mean, hair always grows back no matter what you to do it, so why not change it?!?

Anyway, Daron has always told me that I was never allowed to cut my hair above my jawbone. I have done the best that I could & respect him for his opinion - I mean, he is my husband after all. Now that I am 30 years old & it's the start of a new year.....I desperately needed a big change. I needed a fresh start. So, I made that start with my hair!!! One small change will lead to more changes. The haircut has already changed my outlook on how I face each new day - I look forward to getting up so that I can play with my hair. I want to do my makeup each day so that I can look as good as I feel. I know, it's only been a day (I just got it cut on Jan 19, 2012), but I absolutely LOVE it!!!

Ok, now that I have you wondering what I want to give you a small trip down my hair memory lane so that you can see just how big of a change this is for me......

My first hair style. Actually, my first hair style was black hair that stuck up everywhere like I stuck my finger in a light socket after I was born. LOL!!  My hair did get super long while growing up - almost to my bottom.

10 grade hair. Straight & cut to my shoulders. Notice that it is still a brownish blonde.

11th grade hair. Yes it has a blue streak in it - it also had green, orange, yellow & pink. It was for a play that we did in High School. The color is still a brownish blonde. The length is down to the middle of my shoulder blades.

Summer after my Senior year. My hair is still its normal color - even though I had dyed it a few times. The length is back up above my shoulders. I loved keeping it short in High School.
Jump forward to 2002 & my wedding. Yes my hair is up, but the color is lighter. Between the previous picture & this one, my hair went from normal color to a deep dark red to this color.
Easter 2004 - My hair had been down to the middle of my back & blonde with massive roots showing. I couldn't dye it while pregnant with Taylor. February 2004 I got my hair cut & colored red. Loved it!
4th of July 2004 - The red color is gone - I lightened it up & let it grow some. I mean, I had a baby boy to take care of.
Not exactly sure when this one was taken....but my hair is lighter, almost back to my normal color. I got it trimmed up a little bit, but it is still to my shoulders.
May 2010 at my brother's wedding. My hair was basically my normal color, but it was just below my jawline.
2010 - I got it permed & lightened the color again. Length is just below my jawline.
4th of July 2011 - Unfortunately this is how I have worn my hair for the better part of 30 years - back in a ponytail. I mean, it was the easiest thing to do.
September 2011 - my hair is light blonde & at my jawline. But it was always back in a headband.

Now for the moment you've been waiting for......drum roll please.........

The back.....short, really short

And now for the dramatic reveal, here is the front........
I LOVE IT!!!!! Very low maintenance, can't tuck it behind my ear, can't put it in a ponytail, don't have to worry about it getting caught in my scarf or coat. It dries really fast & takes very little shampoo. It is a very dramatic change from the way that I have worn it for soooooooo many years. This is the absolute shortest that I have ever had it cut in the 30 years that I have been on this earth. Plus it is a vibrant cooper.auburn red!!! LOVE IT!!!

So that is my big change to start 2012. Now I'm looking forward & ready to make many other changes in my home, my health & the world around me. It's amazing what a change can do for one's self esteem & mood!!

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