February 7, 2012

Lord, I Need Your Guidance, Wisdom & Strength

On February 8th I will be traveling to Battle Creek to meet with Daron's care team to discuss his care. There are many things that I want to bring up with them & I know there are certain things that they will need to discuss as well. I am asking you to join me in prayer as I pray for wisdom, discernment, guidance & strength to get through the meeting without loosing my temper or saying something that won't make any sense. I am also asking the Lord to open the minds of everyone in the meeting so they will be able to discern what is right for Daron from what isn't. I know & trust that the Lord's will will be done in this entire matter. I know & trust that all things work together for good when we allow the Lord's will to be done. Only the Lord knows the outcome of this meeting before it even takes place.

Heavenly Father, Thank You for always being there for Your children when they need You. Thank You for knowing what will happen in our lives before we do. I humbly come before You requesting the strength, wisdom & discernment that is needed for this meeting. I ask that Your will be done in this entire matter. I ask that the doctors do what is best for Daron. Please give Daron the peace of mind that he needs in order to accept the outcome of the meeting, whatever that may be. Thank You for being with Daron while he is in the VA apart from his family. Thank You for everything that You have done for my family during all of these years. I pray that all of these things be done within Your will & in Your Son's name...Amen!

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