March 30, 2012

Our New (to us) Car!

I am so excited to introduce you all to the newest member of our family. "She" is going to help us on our all of our journey's on the road! Taylor & I have chosen to lovingly call "her" Perry the Catmobile (Perry in honor of Phineas & Ferb's pet platypus & Catmobile was what Daron came up with). The shape does resemble Perry the Platypus (see the last set of pictures)....LOL

After 2 weeks of intense research on my part - comparing "her" to other vehicles, searching local dealership websites for the best price on a used one, gas mileage, etc....We welcomed "her" into our family on March 27, 2012! Here are some photos of our newest member -- a 2009 Ford Flex.

Taylor & I with Perry after bringing her home!
Taylor thinks Perry is "Awesome" & "Rockin"

Perry the Catmobile!!

Driver & Passenger Seats - Yes, all the seats are leather. I was iffy at first, but this will make it easier to clean them.
2nd Row of seating

3rd Row of seating-- Holds 7 passengers total comfortably!!

Another View of Perry the Catmobile!

Ok, I had to do a comparison picture so that you knew what Taylor & I were talking about. Here is why we call her Perry. Take the tail off of  Perry the Platypus & you have our car. LOL No I am not going to paint it to match Perry the Platypus.

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