March 10, 2012

Transition Continues...

Well, Daron is still in the process of adjusting to his new surroundings in Lowell, MI. From what I can tell, this is going to take him awhile. He is supposed to go to the dining room for Lunch & Dinner. But, he decides at the last minute that he wants to stay in his room to eat. That means that his meal is sent to the dining room & he has to wait longer to eat. I did talk with the dietician & she will work on coming up with something that will allow him to make these last minute decisions & still get his meal with everyone else. That will be a good thing. Please pray that Daron will be willing to eat in the dining room with everyone else. That will help him meet other people closer to his age.

Also, he feels more comfortable staying in his room most of the day. There are activities that he can be a part of if he so chooses. Please pray that he will take part in these activities. That will also help him to adjust & meet others closer to his age.

I am really worried about my beloved husband. I am afraid that he might fall into a depression if he continues to separate himself from the rest of the residents around him. I know that this transition is going to be a hard one on him. He has had a lot of things taken away from him with this move. The D.O.N (director of nursing) & social worker are willing to find a way for him to work in the laundry area....but that's up to him. I am planning on talking with both of them at our next meeting later this coming week or the start of the next week. I know that this whole thing has to be tough on Daron, but I also know that he is glad to be closer to home. Please continue to pray for him through all of this adjusting.

If you are able to visit him, please feel free. He would love to have friends & family visit him. Also, please continue to send cards of encouragement to him. Thank you all so much for your support, encouragement & prayers for Daron during this time!!! It truly means a lot to him!

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