May 16, 2012


There are certain things that make this Mommy very unhappy. Having a sick 8 year old is one of them. Taylor started running a fever on Friday night & it lasted until Tuesday night. That was crazy. I sent him to school on Monday - his fever did go away on Sunday (or so I thought) - but he came home around Noon. Then I took him to the doctor & he was put on some antibiotics. I am just thankful that he is feeling more like his normal self.

I was sick myself, but mine was caused from allergies that landed in my sinuses & messed them up. It drove me crazy! I am thankful that both of us are feeling better. Now it's time to try & air out the germs inside the house. Here's hoping that I can open the house up again tonight & tomorrow morning - when the temps are cooler & there is a nice breeze.

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