June 13, 2012

4 years ago......

.....I started babysitting for a friend of mine. Her daughter was 6 months old at the time. I have watched that little girl grow up, learn to crawl, learn to eat solid food, learn to walk, learn to talk, learn to run, learn to use the potty. I got to go through all of the firsts on childhood again with her. She has been like my daughter/niece for the last 4 years. Taylor has thought of her as his little sister for the last 4 years.

I also started watching the cousin of this little girl 3 months ago. That was fun as well. Watching him learn to smile, roll over, sit up. Making him laugh & learn to make faces. Just having a baby in the house 2 days a week was interesting & fun all at the same time.

Now that time has come to an end. After going through everything with Daron - while watching this little girl - was tough. I wouldn't change anything....but it was time for the babysitting to come to an end. A lot has happened over the last 4 years - not just for my family, but for my friends family as well. Now I get the "joy" of looking for a full time job that works around my availability so that I can still spend time with Taylor. I loved babysitting, but I do need to think about the future for my son & I.

So today was a bittersweet day. Taylor & I had a lot of fun playing the kiddos. When the car pulled up at 4pm to pick both of them up for the last time, I was filled with mixed emotions. I was relieved (lol) that it was time to head home, but I did tear up when I came back in the house. I mean, I love both of those kiddos like they were my own. I know that I will be able to see them because we are all friends. But I won't see them 2 days a week every week anymore.

Another chapter of the story of my family has come to an end. That just means that there is a new chapter beginning & I can't wait to see how is turns out. The Lord has had a lot of twists & turns through the story of my life already. I don't even want to imagine what this nest chapter has in store.

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