June 27, 2012

Another Doctor Appointment = Another Trip Across State

Wow...has it been three months already?!? Daron is scheduled to see his neurologist tomorrow morning in the Ann Arbor VA. That means that I get the joy of driving across state. I am going to try to make it to all of the appointments with the neurologist every three months. That way I can stay up to date on what his doctor has to say & can help the nursing home by letting them know. I am hoping that this appointment will be a quick one before his transfusion. Normally, we can sit in the room waiting for the doctor for an hour or more. I am also praying that the doctor will once again be honest & open with me on how Daron is actually doing. I know that doctors have to try & hide things so they don't scare the patient....but I need to know exactly what is going on. I don't like being surprised when it comes to my husbands health.

Thankully, my in-laws were willing to let Taylor & I stay at their house for a day. This way Taylor can play with his cousin & I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to leave for Ann Arbor. It will be a less stressful day for almost everyone involved. My father-in-law might be a little frazzled by the end of the day. I mean, taking care of an 8 yr old & a 5 yr old aren't easy for anyone of any age. :-) But I know he loves to spend time with his grandkids no matter how crazy they make him.

Please join me in prayer for:
--the drive from my in-laws to Ann Arbor. I have to go through Detroit during the morning & evening rush hours. Grand Rapids traffic is crazy, but Detroit is pure torture as far as I'm concerned.

--Daron's transportation to Ann Arbor. Last month the transport company came to our home, instead of the nursing home, to pick him up. Thankfully I was there last time, but I don't know what will happen if they go there & no one is there.

--my father-in-law as he watches Taylor & my nephew. They are both giant balls of energy & can wear you out just by watching them.

--the appointment with the neurologist. Please pray that the doctor will be open & honest with everything going on. Also, that he will continue to listen to my concerns as well as Daron's.

--the transfusion. Please pray that there won't be any complications.

Thank you all again for your prayers, care & support. It really means a lot to my family!!

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