July 3, 2012

Appointment Update

Thank you all for your prayers. The trip across state went well. I left my in-laws house just before 8am & got to Ann Arbor about 10 minutes before Daron did. We made it to his appointment with the neurologist on time. But as usual, we sat there for over an hour waiting for the neurologist to come in. When he did come in, the meeting was short. Since Daron has been approved to receive his infusions closer to home (Thank You Lord!!) he will only have to see his neurologist every 6 months.....unless something comes up. He has an MRI scheduled for the end of August & he will see the neurologist in September to discuss the results. After the September appointment is when the 6 month visits will start. Now I just have to call the two local places & see which one will be able to accommodate him.

After the neurologist appointment we went for his infusion. Even though we got there at Noon, they didn't start the IV until after 1pm (they let him eat first). They ended up calling the IV team in to start his IV. So the IV didn't fully start until after 1:30pm. Then the infusion takes an hour to run & is followed by an hour of observation time. We didn't leave the infusion area until 4pm or shortly thereafter. Before leaving the room, Daron needed to use the restroom. After 45 minutes, I checked on him & had to go find the nurses because he had fallen. Thankfully he wasn't hurt - except for a scratch on his knee. So after that, we were finally able to truly leave & go wait for his transportation to come get him. He transport arrived about 4:55pm & both of us were finally able to head out of Ann Arbor. I met my in-laws in Fenton to pick up Taylor & get something to eat. Taylor & I finally got home about 9:30pm after having to make a few potty stops. When Taylor & I got home, Taylor went straight to bed & I followed shortly thereafter. It was a very loooooong day to say the least.

Thank you again for your prayers. The only difficult traffic I ran into was when I was headed to Fenton. It was bumper to bumper stop & go for a little while. But of course that was because it was 5pm rush hour & I was heading North like everyone else. Other then that, out travel went well & I am very thankful for that.

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  1. So glad to hear it went fairly well. And twice a year is GREAT.


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