July 27, 2012

Appointment Update

Made it across state & back safely....thank you for your prayers!! Taylor enjoyed playing with his cousin while I was with Daron at the VA. I know that he is looking forward to spending an entire week with this cousin soon.

Well, the doctor didn't have to much to say that he hasn't already said in the past. He did stop one of Daron's medications - it isn't useful anymore. He was kind of surprised when he asked Daron to walk a little bit. It took both adult male doctors to help Daron stand up from his wheelchair. He made the comment to the other doctor that Daron used to be able to stand up on his own & take a few steps. Now he can't even stand up on his own from his wheelchair. I was glad that the doctor is finally seeing what I have been seeing (or at the very least he his acknowledging it).

This appointment reminded me why I stopped going to these with him. Each appointment makes me sad because you can really see how much he has declined month to month. Plus, it is tough having to repeat things every month to a different medical student. I know that these appointments are good for him to go to because the doctor needs to know how he is doing. It just saddens me to know that he is getting worse & that he doesn't want to acknowledge it himself.

Please continue to pray for Daron as time goes on. He is getting settled at the nursing home & he likes his new roommate (who also has MS).

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