August 18, 2012

Another School Year Around The Corner

It is so hard to believe that my son will be a 3rd grader this year. It's also hard to believe that we are entering another school year without Daron at home. So may things have happened since Taylor started school a few years ago, but I think this is the hardest part for all of us.

I know that Daron wants to be able to see Taylor off to school each day. Last school year he would call just as Taylor was getting out of the car or right after I dropped him off. While it was awesome that Daron wanted to tell Taylor to have a good day, it was hard on Taylor. He know why is Dad is in a nursing home & talking to him before school would bum him out. I'm thinking that Daron will try & do the same thing this year, but how do I politely ask him not to?

1st Grade
Both Taylor & I know that this will be a make it or break it school year for him. Since he has had so many issues in the past at school, we have talked about changing schools. Taylor wants to go back to Excel this year because he has the teacher he wanted. He knows, though, that if there are any problems I will put him in a local school that goes year round. I know that a lot of the issues aren't fully his fault. There are certain kids that push him to the point where he explodes. We have also spent time working on that in order to help him have a better year.

2nd Grade
So my prayer for this year will be the same each day:
  • that Taylor grows stronger in his faith
  • that Taylor leans on the Lord for help in controlling his temper & attitude
  • that Taylor learns how to control himself when kids are pushing him to do something he knows he shouldn't
  • that Taylor will stand up for himself in a proper way & not get in trouble for doing so
  • that he will have a wonderful 3rd grade year
I still cannot believe that I have a 3rd grader already. It seems like just yesterday he looked like this:

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