March 18, 2013

How Are We Doing?

That has been the question of the last few weeks & it has come in a few different forms......
....How is Daron doing?
....How is Taylor doing?
....How are you doing, Cathy?

So to answer all of those questions, I thought I would do it this way.

....He is doing well right now. We won't know much for a few weeks as the medicine has to fully leave his system. Once that has happened we will have a better picture. He is still clear minded - which is amazing. He says that he feels great & is enjoying each day. Please keep praying for him as the medicine leaves his system & we see what the Lord has in store.

....He is getting through each day the way any normal 9 year old does - with lots of activity. He is doing well in school - thankfully. Then as soon as we get home, he is moving almost non-stop until it is time for bed. But I am thankful for his activity & I know he can't wait for the weather to turn nice again; then he can play outside. He doesn't talk much about what is going on with Daron, but that's normal for him. Please pray for Taylor as he gets through school each day. Also please pray for him as he goes through this time.

....I am getting through each day by the grace of God & with His strength. Work is keeping me busy for a few hours each day which is a good thing. Knowing that Daron is so clear minded these days is a comfort to me. I ask that you pray for physical strength for me. My body does not like stress at all & when I get stressed out I get sick. I have been fighting an ear infection/sinus junk for almost 2 weeks & it is getting annoying. I have a lot to get through each day between work, housework & caring for Taylor that I don't always take time to care for myself.

So that is how we are doing these days. Each day will be a journey in itself & I know that God will get us through each day. Thank you all for your caring & your prayers. We are very grateful to each of you!

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