April 15, 2013

Some Changes

The first change is one that I am excited about. I have now made it easier to find my blog. All you have to type into the browser is www.tilburtfamilyadventures.com. It's a small change, but it is one that I have been debating on for quite awhile. If you already have this blog bookmarked, don't worry, you will still be able to get to it under the old address.

Another change affects our family calendar......Taylor started baseball! Right now he has practice twice a week (he can only make it to one practice due to AWANA). Starting May 18 he will have games twice a week - thankfully AWANA will be done on May 1. He had fun at practice tonight, in the rain. I am so glad I finally found a sport that he will hopefully continue next season.

So far, those are the only changes that we are facing here in the Tilburt household. I know that more changes will come along on our journey, but I will take them as they come.

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