May 27, 2013

Baseball, Concussion, Craziness......Must Be Spring

Taylor started a new adventure this year. He decided he wanted to try his hand at playing little league baseball. So, I got him registered & bought the equipment he needed. We made it to all of the practices & he was having fun. Then, during the last practice before the first game, it happened. He got hit in the forehead with a baseball while covering 2nd base & got a concussion. Other then headaches, dizziness, balance issues & mood issues you can tell.

Here's where the craziness comes in....He is not able to play until the doctor releases him to do so. He isn't able to go to school until June 3 (the last week of school) if he is doing better. He isn't supposed to play video games, play on the computer, read, or do anything else that will work his brain or jostle his brain. He is supposed to stay still, calm & relaxed. For those of you who know my son (or any normal 9 year old boy) know that is a difficult task for him to do. But, I know that at some point he will figure out that the doctor knows what is best for him & he will actually listen to the doctor. Until then he will have to deal with the pain that goes along with his choices.

Please pray that Taylor will heal quickly & not have any lasting side effects from this concussion.

Please pray that God will give me the strength & patience I need to help Taylor get through this time.

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