June 13, 2013

Getting Crafty In the Kitchen!

I have spent the last year making my house feel like my home & putting my own personal touches on it. We have lived in this house since February 2003 & it has looked the same ever since. Daron & I never talked about painting or personalizing it because we thought we would move at some point. Now that it is just Taylor & I in the house (& my best friend lives a few houses away), I wanted to make this my house. The personal touches started in August 2012 when I painted the house - you can view all of the before & after photos here.

My latest project has been completing my kitchen (slowly) & helping it look the way I have it pictured in my head. It is crazy to remember what my walls looked like when we moved in...

I never like the floral print on the plasterboard walls. It was through the entire kitchen from floor to ceiling. You can see the color of the trim, cupboards & doors in the right side of the photo. I was so happy when I got everything painted. The change was amazing....

I love how cheery my kitchen is now!! But it still didn't seem complete for some reason. So I started looking on Pinterest for some inspiration. I knew I wanted something on my one large wall. This is what I came up with & I absolutely LOVE it!!
The project on the left is just canvas covered with fabric. I used stickers & painted over them. When the stickers were removed it left this amazing artwork! The project on the right is made of individual wooden letters. Some are covered with music note fabric & the rest are painted. They really make that wall look better!

Another project I did was on the kitchen window. It is above my sink & faces the sunrise each morning. I have always loved how much sunlight came through that window all day long. Now I love the light coming through the different colors.

My abstract sunflower was made using glass pebbles, epoxy & grout. I adhered the pebbles directly to the window with the epoxy. Once it was all dry, I covered it with grout to fill in the lines. Every morning I smile when I see my kitchen filled with different colors of light from the sun.

I have 2 more projects to complete in my kitchen - a new sink & a new globe for the light above the sink. Once those are done, I will move on to some projects in the dining room/living room. I am so thankful that the Lord gave me a creative mind. It is so much fun seeing how my mood & environment change with just some crafty creativity & elbow grease.

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