October 26, 2013

Daron Is Moving --- Again

As I stated in the last post, Daron requested to be moved back to the Battle Creek VA Medical Facility. Things moved a lot faster than we thought they would & he is moving back on Tuesday October 29. I have already made the change to his address here on the blog (Right side of the screen). Please continue to send cards or notes of encouragement. They do help to lift his spirits.

This move will make it a bit more challenging for Taylor & I to go see him. Since he has been in Lowell, Taylor & I could decide at the last minute to go see him since it was a 30 minute drive each way. Now that the drive is back to 1 hour each way, more planning will have to into each visit - which will most likely only happen on Saturdays. It will also be challenging for friends &; family to visit him, but with God's grace & strength we will all make it work the best that we can.

Please pray that this move will give him peace.

Please pray that God will bless him with other great roommate who will encourage him as much as Greg has.

Please pray for safety on Tuesday as they transport him from Lowell to Battle Creek.

Please pray that he will get settled quickly & there won't be any issues (last time he lost some clothes).

Please continue to pray that everything is a part of God's will for our lives &; our family. Change is never easy, but it is more difficult when you make changes outside of God's will.

Here are a few of the memories we have from when Daron was in Battle Creek before.

Now to make some new memories!

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