March 12, 2014

How Has Cancer Touched Your Life?

The school I work for has a Relay for Life this year. We are doing a lot of different things in order to raise awareness & spread the word about the American Cancer Society. This video was put together by some of our High School students. It features staff & students whose lives have been touched by cancer. I highly recommend watching it. Click Here to view the video.

Cancer touched my life without me even knowing it. My paternal grandfather was diagnosed with colon cancer....twice. When I was pregnant with my son I contacted my grandfather in order to get to know him. Shortly after we got in touch he went into the hospital. He found out he had lung cancer & passed away a few days later. Now that I know about his colon cancer, I have already had my colon checked & I am getting ready for another test.

Cancer hits people when they least expect it & it doesn't care who it hits. There are so many different types of cancer & they all affect people differently. There is a cure out there & we all can help find it. Please visit the Relay For Life Website or the American Cancer Society Website to learn more about how you can help find a cure.

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