December 31, 2014

What A Year. Good-Bye 2014!!

It has been such a crazy year, I have not been able to spend any time updating this blog. My family has been through a lot of different things this year, & we were able to make it through all of it with God's strength.

Some of the changes:

  • Daron moved back to Battle Creek to the VA facility.
    • This change effects everyone in the family. The VA facility is now 1 hour away & that makes it difficult for Taylor & I to visit on a regular basis. However, Daron has more options of activities to do & he was given a job in the laundry room. Daron's health is still slowly declining. His mental capacities are a day by day sort of thing. It really depends on the day as to how clear of mind he is. 
  • Taylor started 5th grade.
    • He is at the same school as last year & he is thriving. I am so glad I made this move last school year. He is treated like a 5th grade boy & he enjoys that. He is part of an after school program this year & he has his moments with it, but it is a good fit for him.
  • I started a new job at the start of the school year......& then switched jobs in November. 
    • I started the year working at our Middle School & I loved the atmosphere there. Then the elementary school kitchen that I worked at last school year (Taylor's school) became available, so I applied for that position. I got that job & changed positions at the beginning of November. I love going to work every day!! I consider all 300+ students at the school "my kids" (most of them even call me mom when they see me). I also started serving supper to the after school program at the elementary school as well. I couldn't be happier with my job & taking care of all of the amazing kids there.  
All of these changes have been fun, challenging, trying, exciting & so much more. Life in our house is never dull, that's for sure. I wish I could say that all of these challenges have pulled me closer to God, & in some ways they have. But, going into 2015, my "resolution" is to draw closer to God for the strength & grace I need to get through everything that lies ahead. God has brought me this far & I know that He is the only one who can get me through the new year. 

Please continue to pray for our family as we enter this new year. We truly appreciate all of our friends & family. We can feel the prayers & support that you send out way every day. Thank You!!

May God bless each of you with a wonderful & safe New Year.

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