December 20, 2015

Palliative Care & Blessings

Daron has been officially put into Palliative Care while at the VA nursing facility in Battle Creek. For those who don't know, Palliative Care is the step before Hospice Care. This means that he will be receiving weekly visits from the P.A to track his decline, change any medications & to make sure he is staying comfortable through this phase.

Even though the P.A has said that she is estimating a 6 month timeframe, the VA requires that he be certified by his doctor in order to be placed under Hospice Care. There are 5 qualifications that Daron has to meet in order to be certified for Hospice & Daron only qualifies for 2 of them at this point. With him being seen on a weekly basis now, the P.A will be able to recommend to the doctor that he be certifed as soon as he fully qualifies.

I am glad that I have more answers & that Daron will be getting more care now that he is under Palliative Care. So that is a blessing in itself. Another blessing came from an anonymous person at my church in the form of a gift card at the exact moment I needed it.

Another blessing came from the teaching staff at the school I work at. I have been blessed to have such wonderful coworkers. I informed them as to what is going on in my life ; they have all been so supportive. I really enjoy going to work everyday because it helps to keep my mind off eveything. Then they blessed me with an unexpected gift card. I love my job & the staff I work with!!

**Please continue to pray for for strength for all of us as we continue on this journey.
**Please pray for safe travels as we go visit Daron as much as we can.
**Please pray that Taylor & I will stay in good health so we can visit Daron.

Thank you all again so much for all of your prayers & support as we go through this. We are truly humbled & blessed to have such wonderful friends & family encouraging us through this journey!

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