March 7, 2016

New Normal

It isn't easy living in a new normal kind of life these days. While my life at home with Taylor hasn't really changed, Daron's is shifting every so slightly every day. The doctors say he is stable in his new normal, but every day can bring something new. He has a new manual wheelchair....he's getting new glasses to help with his new eye issues....he's going to new groups & activities....he has to be patient when it comes to certain things & this leads to a new attitude/behavior on his part.

Al of these new normal things don't seem like a whole lot, but in the grand scheme of things they are a big deal. Now when Taylor & I visit with Daron we have to remember these new normal things. We have to remember that his attitude & behavior are different from the last time we saw him. We have to remember that his eyesight isn't the greatest. We have to plan our visits around his new groups - that means Sundays are usually the best day for us to visit him between our schedule & his.

This also means that we are in another waiting pattern right now. He could stay at this new normal for awhile or he could suddenly go further down hill. God is really testing our faith & patience through this, but we know He is in full control of everything & His timing is perfect.

Please continue to pray for our family as we find our way through this new normal.

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