April 26, 2016

Another Turn On Our Journey

For the past few months Daron has been having issues while eating. He's done ok with it up until recently. The doctors have changed the thickening agent they use hoping that would help. Unfortunately over the past week his swallowing has gotten worse & he is continuing to choke on his food. With all of that going on it has become clear that he needs assistance with getting nutrition. So the decision to put in a permanent feeding tube has been made. The doctor talked with Daron about it last week & he said that if he needs it he wants it. So I will support him through it. Daron does have the right to change his mind about getting it - even if he is on the table about to have the procedure done. If he changes his mind & does not want the feeding tube, he will be put on hospice. I am just praying that Daron fully understands this decision & what goes with it.

Please pray that God's will be done through this no matter the decision. Please pray that I will continue to have the strength needed to support Daron through this.

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