February 10, 2017

Our Story Chapter 5 -- First Year Married

When we got married on October 26, 2002 we had no idea what was going to happen in our lives. Only God knew what was going to happen. Shortly before we got married we started looking for a home. I can't even remember how many homes we looked at. After we got married we continued to look & decided on a manufactured home & started the process of finding a mobile home community to live in. It was a crazy process for sure. We found the house we liked & a community to move it into. That process started around the end of November (if my memory is correct) & the house was moved into the community. We started the process of packing up the apartment & getting some of the larger items into a storage unit.

Also in November of 2002 I started having abdominal pain. I saw my doctor who did multiple pregnancy tests - all were negative. I was tested for UTI's & all sorts of other things. Since everything came up normal, she sent me in for an abdominal ultrasound - it showed nothing. I was then sent for an abdominal CT scan. That scan showed a large mass behind my uterus. No one knew what it was & if it was attached to anything specific. So I was sent to a surgeon to decide the next step. Through all of this Daron was trying to keep me calm because my first thought was that I was going to have to have a hysterectomy before I could even have a child. He kept reminding me that God was in control & we would face everything together. By Christmas of 2002 I had a surgery date scheduled for the beginning of January 2003. It would start as a laparoscopy with the knowledge that it could turn into an open abdominal surgery depending on what she found. I had to inform my boss at the time that I needed 6-12 weeks off work which he did not take very well.

Daron & I spent that first Christmas as a married couple with both of our families, as well as spending some time alone. He knew I was scared about the upcoming surgery & I'm pretty sure he was scared too. I mean, we still had no idea what was going to happen. We entered 2003 with the hopes of getting to move into our home shortly after my surgery & I helped get everything else packed up since I wouldn't be able to do much the unpacking after surgery. When the day of surgery came, Daron went to work & my mom took me to the hospital. I am still torn about this & I have struggled to let it go for awhile. I mean, my new husband chose to go to work while I went to the hospital to have major surgery. But, it is in the past & I have come to terms with that.

Anyway, I went in for surgery not knowing what was going to happen. I was told later that the surgery took longer then expected & the surgeon would explain things to me later. All I remember is waking up in immense pain, not being able to roll over without screaming, Daron sleeping on a cot in the room, not being allowed out of bed for anything & not being able to eat or drink anything. The surgeon came in when I was fully aware of what was going on to tell me what she found. She found something that no one had seen before -- a large, odd shaped mass that had grown through the wall of my bladder. I was shocked & so was she along with everyone else who had been in the operating room. Thankfully, I did not have to have a hysterectomy.

A few days later I was released home with a bladder catheter & my new in-laws drove me home since Daron was at work. Having to deal with a catheter was insane. Daron was constantly having to pay attention to what side of me he was sitting on so he didn't catch it or something. We were still living in our apartment & had a date of when we could move into the house -- 2 weeks later. Just before we moved into the house, I was able to get the catheter removed since my bladder had healed properly. I became the moving supervisor & just told people were things went. I was able to do light work around the house & so I spent my days slowly unpacking.

I am still amazed by how much happened in the first few months of our marriage. I am also amazed by what all of that did in the way of strengthening our marriage at that time. We spent a lot of time unpacking & setting up the house. We went furniture shopping together & enjoyed putting our purchases together. I can still remember exactly what we were doing when we heard that the Columbia shuttle exploded on re-entry on February 1, 2003. We were in the process of putting our entertainment system together & had the TV on for background noise. Since I am still living in the same house I can replay that memory like a silent movie each time I look at that area of our living room. The same thing happens with numerous memories all over the house.

I went back to work, but didn't stay there long. My boss was not understanding of my restrictions & I kept having to take time off to deal with post surgical issues. I finally gave my notice after talking to Daron about our options. We both agreed that it would be best if I left & I did. Shortly after I stopped working, Daron had another flare up. These happened every year in the spring & it was almost good timing since I was able to drive him around without having to take time off work. The neurologist ordered his usual - a burst of steroids followed by a taper to wean him off them. This always seemed to do the trick & get the flare up under control.

Easter rolled around on April 20, 2003. I had been feeling off for the week leading up to Easter. I was worried since it was just a few months after my surgery, but I was happy to spend time with my family. The next day, while Daron was at work, I went to the store & purchased a pregnancy test. It came back 100% positive within 5 seconds. I was happy, shocked & amazed. I was also worried since I wasn't that far out from my surgery & I still have internal stitches. But I started telling people anyway. The first person I called was my Grandpa Orr. When he answered the phone I said "Guess what" & he said "You're pregnant!" I was shocked that he guessed it. He was shocked that he was right. He & my Grandma were so excited to become Great Grandparents. I told Daron & he seemed happy. I mean, he did have two children already & I'm sure he was as shocked as I was. We decided that I would not return to the workforce so I could be a stay at home mom.

When I was 20 weeks pregnant we had our ultrasound to see the baby. I was excited & ready to find out if we were going to have a boy or a girl. Daron was hoping for a girl & I just wanted a healthy baby. We found out we were expecting a baby boy! We had already decided on a name, Taylor Austin, after Daron's Grandpa George Austin Taylor. We started looking forward to meeting our son in December (my due date was December 27).

Shortly after that Daron lost his job. I remember going with him to file for unemployment & state health benefits. It wasn't the greatest time to be jobless, but we knew God was in control. Looking back, it was another time when our relationship was tested & it helped strengthen it. Daron applied for work through a temp agency & was given different jobs. He finally was sent to a factory by the airport who fully hired him after a few weeks. We were so thankful for this job & thankful that God provided it just in time.

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary by recreating our first date. This kind of became a tradition for us every year. We ordered the same pizza & the only thing that changed was the movie. With me being 7 months pregnant, I just wanted a quiet night at home & Daron was okay with that.

Daron was working at his new job for a few months when I went into labor (or thought I did). He took the day off & took me to the hospital. We found out it was a false labor & sent me home. On the way home Daron ran into a curb (the roads weren't the greatest). We joked that he was trying to jostle Taylor out. A week later we were back at the hospital at 4 am & this time was the real deal. We got settled into the room & tried to sleep some. Around 8 am we started calling family & our church to let them know what was going on. Around 9 am my doctor came in & apologized that he wouldn't be able to deliver my son. It was his OB/GYN surgery rotation day & he was booked solid. So one of his colleagues would be delivering my son. I was bummed out but I understood. Since I wasn't progressing like they wanted me to I was talked into starting Pitocin around 10 am. That really kicked things into gear & Taylor entered the world at 2:16 pm on December 16, 2003. Daron & I were in love from the start!

Daron's parents arrived, my brothers came to visit, our pastor came to visit. I couldn't wait to go home & just be a family. Daron stayed with Taylor & I until around 9 pm, he had to work the next day & needed his sleep. Two days after Taylor was born we were able to go home. Since Taylor came earlier then we expected, we decided to travel across state for a family Christmas get together. We wanted to show Taylor off to the rest of Daron's family & they were excited we were going to be there. After sitting down to eat, we found out that we made a good choice by going. Daron's oldest brother & his wife (who lived Hawaii at the time) surprised the family by walking in the door. We were happy that they were getting to meet their nephew a lot earlier then we had planned. It was a blast spending time with family & watching them love on little Taylor - who slept through all of it of course.

It was nice to be able to spend out first Christmas as a family surrounded by our extended family. It was also nice to have our son arrive healthy & a little early. Taylor was a happy baby & he was easy to take care of. He only cried when he was hungry or super sleepy. I loved being a mom & I loved taking care of Taylor. I had follow up appointments with my surgeon to track how things had healed over the year. It was interesting to take a baby to those appointments, but worth it. Life as new parents was filled with the normal ups & downs. With not knowing how long Daron's job would keep him employed, that added stress to our already stressful life. Our life sure kept us busy & we enjoyed every minute of it.

We had a crazy, stressful, fun, annoying, amazing first year of marriage. We couldn't wait to see what else God had in store for us in the years to come. Little did we know the craziest times of our lives was coming right around the corner. Thankfully, God wasn't surprised by what was to come.

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  1. What a first year! I am glad God gave you and Daron Taylor. I am sure Taylor has things in him that reminds you of Daron.


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