November 5, 2017

Finding Time in the Word.....Struggling

In all honesty, I am still struggling with getting into my Bible every day. Without thinking I go straight to Facebook, my email or something else on my phone instead of my Bible. This has been frustrating to me. I have found myself slipping back into habits I am asking the Lord to take away from me. I know this is because I am not in the Word on a daily basis.

Why can't I make the Word of God a priority in my life?
Why is it so easy for me to put nonsense things in front of time with God?

I pray myself to sleep every night. I listen to Christian music in my car & at work. I recall Scripture passages or praise songs throughout the day. But I can't make time to open my Bible & read what God has to say to me first thing in the morning? That doesn't make any sense. I can't figure out why I am struggling so much with this. 

On another note, I have made two of the tough decisions that I needed to make. Since I have spoken with the people I needed to, I can let you know what they are. I have decided to step down from the VBS & AWANA ministries in my local church. I have felt God leading me to this for the past few months & I fought Him. I have been apart of these ministries for at least 14 years now. I have enjoyed every moment & I have loved working with so many different children over the years. These decisions were tough on so many levels, but I can't fight God when He is so strongly leading me. I have mixed emotions & I know without a doubt that I will miss these ministries. But, God has a plan for my life & I will follow His leading in this. 

There is another tough decision that I am struggling with. I cannot go into detail about this one yet, but I covet your prayers regarding it. God knows what the decision is & what the outcome will be. I trust His leading & I know that with His guidance the best decision will be made. God will not lead me from something without leading me to something. His ways are perfect!

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