June 15, 2018

Summer Break Is Here At Last!

Well, we made it through another school year. Taylor is now a high schooler and will be jumping right into high school marching band at the end of July. I am not done and I am okay with that. Now that I am full-time at work, I jumped right into summer cleaning today. I know it will take a little bit of getting used to, but I am thankful that I will be working during the day for the next few weeks. This summer will be a short one for our district since we went so late into June. We will only get 7 weeks of summer break and then school starts again middle of August. But, I will enjoy the evenings with my son and the chance to spend time with family after work.

I know that Daron would be so proud of Taylor and this new stage in his life. I am very proud of him. He worked hard (for the most part) during his time in middle school. He made the Honor Roll and the Honorable Mention for his grades throughout his three years there. High School is going to be a new challenge for him and I am praying that he will push himself to meet the challenge. He is becoming quite the young man and I am proud of him. He is a typical teenager and doesn't always make the best choices, but he is learning from the choices that he makes. As a parent, that's all I can ask for. 

Summer break is here at last!

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